An clothing brand from the mind of iconic hip-hop artist Nas, HSTRY is a culmination of his life experiences, knowledge and inspiration.



12amrun was founded in the Spring of 2014 by rap legend Nas and a small group of entrepreneurs looking to provide some of the most exclusive sneakers in an elevated boutique shopping experience.


Media and Content Company

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal is a New York-based media and content company whose mission is to be the premier platform for leaders in urban culture. Since its inception in 1996, the brand has been living, breathing and definitively documenting youth-born culture worldwide. Through its cross-platform model with business in film & TV, digital media, music and commercial content, Mass Appeal’s perspective speaks to – and for – the elements of music, art and style that progress urban culture.


Record Label

Mass Appeal Records

Mass Appeal Records is the label division of burgeoning media group Mass Appeal. Birthed in 2014 along with hip hop icon Nasir “Nas” Jones, the label is a powerful platform that shines a light on DIY artists emerging from many pockets of cutting edge culture. At Mass Appeal Records, we share the passion that our artists posses; we’re as devoted to promoting music as they are to making it.


Sweet Chick

Nasir Jones has spent a lifetime cultivating a diverse portfolio of investments and Sweet Chick marks his first venture into the restaurant community. As an artist who understands what we represent, Nas has been an integral part in bringing Sweet Chick Life to the West Coast while continuing to grow the brand in his hometown, New York City.

VC Investment

Queensbridge Venture Partners

Queensbridge Venture Partners invests in technology companies that transform the way we live, work, and play.