Interview with One9 by Eunice Moseley

EURWEB – SEPTEMBER 25, 2014: Interview with One9 by Eunice Moseley

The Pulse of Entertainment: ‘Nas Time is Illmatic’ Hits Theaters and VOD in October                                             Sep 25, 14 by Eunice Moseley  Leave a comment


Nas Time is Illmatic, a trumphant rise from the hood to stardom, hits theaters and VOD in October, 2014

Platinum selling rapper Nas releases documentary film Nas Time Is Illmatic.

*Writer/producer Erik Parker and director One9 presents the trumphant rise of rapper NAS from the hood (Queensbridge, NY) to stardom in their documentary film Nas Time is Illmatic. The MC takes us down memory lane as he remembers his roots, influences, tragedies and successes that have made him a legend in the Hip-Hop culture, and branded him a rhyme master. Anthony Saleh also shares producer credits. The film is so deep, and connected with my own experiences so much that I cried throughout. Nas Time is Illmatic is a must see.

“’Illmatic’ was an album,” said Erik about the concept for the documentary. “It didn’t get a lot of radio attention but it was largely for mainstream America….it was from a view that people could  understand…it validated (the Urban experience) through art. When it connected to us we felt it spoke to what we experienced. It was the 20th anniversary and I was editor of Vibe Magazine. We started shooting…to make sure it was documented and realized it was bigger than just the music.”

Nas’ first album, “Illmatic,” was on Columbia Records and debuted in 1994 at #12 on Billboard Charts. He was signed by MC Serch at the age of 20. Production on the debut included Nas, Large Professor Pete Rock, Q-Tip, L.E.S. and DJ Premier. It was a hard-core album about Nas’ experiences. It achieved platinum status in 2001, and has been recognized as what is now considered East Coast Hip-Hop. It went on to influence many artists since its debut.

“We wanted to connect to people’s lives that feel like their story hasn’t been told,” said One9, the film’s director. “We connected to all those people we interviewed.”

The documentary film, “Nas Time is Illmatic,” has interviews with all those that influenced him, that are living, and those that were influenced by him such as Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats, Freddy, Fab 5, DJ Premiere, MC Serch, Pete Rock, Alicia Keys, J. Cole, AZ, and even Dr. Cornel West. It also included interviews with his father Olu Dara (a professor horn player) and brother Jungle.

Nas narrates the film taking us through his mental journey that would lead him to a way out of the hood and into stardom – from a young street poet to an influential MC.

“We connected with this brother Jungle in many ways,” One9 pointed out when asked about the many interviews for the “Nas Time is Illmatic” film. “He has strong ideas…as the film developed our relationship grew…we became friends.” When ask about his experiences with Nas One9 stated, “Nas is very protective of his image. Twenty years later he is open to discussing his life. It’s not easy to discuss your life. He said, ‘You guys are creating art…connected to the music.”

“Nas Time is Illmatic” opens in New York and Los Angeles on October 1, 2014. Then it premiers in 40 theaters across the country for one night only on October 2nd, and arrives on Video On Demand (VOD) October 3rd. Nas Time is Illmatic then premieres nationwide on October 10th. Nas will tour with the film throughout October.

Tribeca Film Institute produced the film, and it is distributed in the U.S. by Tribeca Film. Candescent Films provided funding and Sony Music Entertainment provided stills and archival footage. To learn more visit